Portfolio 2018.

Anna Lewis is an artist and designer maker based in Wales working in contemporary jewellery and fashion object.  Anna also fuses her ideas with photography and film.

Anna begins by talking about how clothes and fabrics are a part of our everyday language. She then discusses the notion of the ‘fashion object’. This needs to be functional as well as sculptural. Anna encourages participants to think outside of the box, and consider how this object could be worn. She uses the dramatic creations of fashion designer Alexander Mcqueen, and her own work as examples to inspire the participants. These examples often restrict the body and use layers and components to build an abstract form.

The tasks for the day are designed around the participants creating abstract shapes that will become the basis for their fashion object. These objects will made out of Rattan and formed into structures and shapes using cable ties and pegs. Once fixed the objects will become three dimensional drawings, and will be displayed together as a continual piece at the Portfolio exhibition.