Portfolio 2018

The day began with a ‘silent disco’ that was hosted at the Foundation department, UWTSD in partnership with the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery. This activity was designed to loosen up drawing skills – by putting on headphones that were tuned in to a variety of different music channels, the students were encouraged to draw anything that came to mind. Bella and Tim then led the group through a series of drawing exercises.

Tim introduced the film ‘Psycho’ and drew particular attention to the shower scene. He encouraged everyone to consider how the scene was constructed, and the notion of ‘frames’. Tim emphasised the importance of sound and how it is responsible for holding these individual stills (or frames) together.

The class is then split into two groups. Tim’s group start on a short animation activity. This is based on the portraits that were drawn earlier on in the day. Bella’s students are encouraged to manipulate printed self portrait photographs using pen/ink/scissors. Using Justin Bieber’s ‘Where are you now’ video as a reference the two activities are combined. Participants select a short two minute film that they feel reflects themselves, they then trim this to 20 seconds using Premier software. Working on one frame per second, 20 frames are then printed and reworked, using techniques practiced in Bella’s session earlier. These are then rescanned and produced as short ‘appropriated’ films.