Criw Celf Secondary.

Cath Brown is an Artist Maker & Lecturer on the Design Crafts and Glass Degrees at Swansea College of Art UWTSD. Colin Telford is a Technician/Demonstrator at Swansea College of Art. This masterclass utilises the facilities in the Glass Department on the Alex Road campus.

The group are given a precut glass disk and some Fablon, which is a sticky film to place over their glass disks. They are then given the task to draw a design and cut away areas of the film to create sections on the glass that can be sandblasted. The fablon acts as a resistive layer and after sandblasting the design is revealed.

Once this stage has been completed the students selected different coloured fragments of glass that have been kiln fired to round off the edges. They arranged and glued these glass fragments onto their glass disks to enhance the design. These disks are then mounted onto a viewing box and spun to create a kaleidoscope effect. 

The students worked in pairs to photograph and film each kaleidoscope effect. The best film is selected and won a chocolatey prize!