After graduating with a 1st Class honors in Fine Art in 2011, Philip now has a studio with Elysium Gallery in College Street and has shown work across the country as well as internationally.

Philip’s work explores the graphic elements in everyday life and how they can be altered to skew our perception of the world we live in. 

Philip set the first task for the master class which was to try their hand at producing perspective drawings that included horizon lines and vanishing points. Using graph paper and rulers Philip demonstrated how any shape can be made 3D. The group are then instructed to turn their shapes into buildings and grow them into a city.

The second half of the afternoon was working in groups physically building with cardboard. Each group discussed ideas on what features they wanted their imagined building to have and how they could go about it with the materials provided. The final stage was to dress the buildings with fake grass, trees, windows and miniature people.