I am very grateful to have had the opportunity, initially of participating in ‘Raising The
Bar’ workshops which gave me the confidence to experiment within a variety of media, and then
to work in the studio over the summer. It has been an invaluable experience which has allowed
me to experiment freely on a larger scale and develop my ideas within such an inspiring and
creative environment.

Having my own space was especially beneficial as I am going into year 13 and was able to
develop work to be used as coursework pieces and further my experimentation with paint.
I am becoming increasingly interested in the concept of abstraction, whereas before I have
focused predominantly on expression in the human form, and the experiences I have gained
have given me the confidence to explore this in a more assured way.

My focus this year will be exploring deterioration in melancholic townscapes and credence.
In the work I have produced so far, I have been influenced by the way Gerhard Richter uses
different tools to obliterate his work in order to introduce a new truth, and to emphasise the
process of the work he creates.