Lisa discussed her love of theatre design and how students will be incorporating the theme into the masterclass. She talked about how within sets they will often have a foreground, middle and background to create depth. The students used layers of glass to create a small installation, and were asked on the first panel to draw a self portrait. This sets the tone for a series of panels that reflect them- in the middle ground they are to design something that is important to them, and in the background a pattern that they feel symbolizes them. The first task of the day was to make a paper maquette of their design. This is to enable them to experiment with perspective. This maquette then forms the basis for their glass painting. The students were given 3 panels and using white paint they then use “sgraffito” to etch into their drawing

About The Artist

Lisa Burkl is a professional stained glass artist, visiting lecturer and community art facilitator. Her inspiration comes from symbolism, iconography, colour, light, reflection and projection. Lisa qualified in Architectural Glass in 1991, and has worked on projects in universities, schools, private studios, art galleries and community venues. She is a qualified teacher and her experience covers a wide range of art forms, such as painting and drawing, design, textiles and architectural glass arts.