Criw Celf is an Arts Council of Wales project bringing together more able and talented students in the visual arts- with students ranging from ages 9-18. This is part of a national initiative to nurture young artistic talent in Wales. Working closely with schools, Criw Celf seeks to develop pupil’s creative practice andknowledge of the Visual and Applied arts through a series of Masterclasses.

These Masterclasses are led by professional artist and designers, who offer a wider investigation into visual arts practice- in addition to an insight of future possibilities regarding creative and academic courses. The outcomes are then showcased in an end of project exhibition, which celebrate the portfolio of work created throughout the course. There will also be invitations to visit other exhibitions wider afield, in addition to artist studios, talks and university fine art departments.

Criw Celf is a national project which is coordinated in various regions across Wales. Two of these are Criw Celf West, and Criw Celf Mid which deliver the programme across the west Wales and mid Wales regions. Within these regions are galleries and cultural organizations, who work with their own network of partners to carry out the project. Criw Celf is made up of different strands for each age group; Criw Celf Primary (school years 5-6), Criw Celf Secondary (school years 7-9), Portfolio (students studying at GCSE) and Raising the Bar (students studying at AS/A Level and F/E).

Carmarthen School of Art will be delivering Portfolio and Raising the Bar.

For further information including application/recruitment process please contact:

Saron Jones-Hughes (Lecturer and Project Coordinator in Art & Design)