Architecture Master Class

Artist Philip Cheater begins by explaining his practice, which looks into the world of architecture and focuses on space and perspective. He talks about the idea of public art and how it can serve to bring communities together. Phil then outlines the tasks for the day where participants will be creating their own “pavilions”- these public spaces can be used for all kinds of activities, and the children are encouraged to use their imagination.

These pavilions will be constructed from geometric shapes cut from cardboard, using their chosen figures as inspiration the children add to their structures by cutting out benches, stairs and windows. They then break into groups and join these individual structures into one group community.

Individual creations included a rocket house, amphitheatre, and even a structure based around a fish! Phil then suggests adding colour to their ideas by cutting and sticking coloured vinyl to their pavilions. This resulted in a wild array of patterns and designs, made from thoughtfully considered squares and triangles of their chosen colours.

When working in groups many of these individual structures became part of a wider setting- some turned theirs into circus’, jails and stables. After placing the models onto one big piece of card they were then connected by adding lakes, trees, bridges, pathways, and brushes. Each community was different, some had recognizable paths others were a maze of colour and trees, however all were exciting places to live.

We have some future town planners in the making!