Sketchbook Master Class

The aim for the day was to create sketchbooks in the loosest form. Bella encouraged creativity throughout the day. Sketchbooks were redesigned/ re-invented to the creators discretion. Once a series of pages/ surfaces that could be drawn onto had been placed the task of drawing 10 lines was given. Each line had to show experimentation of tone by applying pressure.

Additional pockets/ pages were added to the sketchbooks for storing items. Bella explained how an artist/ designer has an interest in everything from the smell of a room to the colour of an object. The group set out on a journey around the building with their sketchbooks and drawing materials to gather and record any interesting information they could find. As the journey reached the outside of the University the group were asked to pick up five objects that they found on the floor. Each student had been given a clear slide pocket sheet, used for storing slides in. These were handed out in order to hold any found floor items.

Using the found objects, small square black drawings of the found items were created. The small squares were collated onto one large piece of paper and a screen was made out of them. The Masterclass then entailed another learnt skill of screen printing.