Swansea Neath Port Talbot

Dafydd Williams Photography


Raising the Bar. Today’s workshop has been set up as a self directed day supported by UWTSD’s Artist in Residence and professional Photographer Dafydd Williams. The students have been granted access to the Universities Photography Studio with the use of their specialist equipment. The session begins with a relaxed atmosphere, the radio is playing and

Master Class with Jason & Becky

  Swansea Group – 5th November 2016 Jason and Becky began their Masterclass by ushering the students downstairs into the exhibition space to experience their VISCOSITECTURE exhibition that was taking place. Students walked around the exhibition space and spent time experiencing the light changes and sounds. Jason and Becky asked the group to voice their

Mary Passmore Life Drawing and Screen Printing

Mary Passmore is a Swansea based Artist and full time lecturer at Gower College Swansea. The group position their easels correctly – with an open body to the model. Mary instructs ‘don’t cross your drawing to look, you must be able to see the model at all times’. Mary would like the students to draw

Printmaking Master Class

Neath Group Keith began the Masterclass by asking the students “what is printing?” One participant explained how she had previously looked into ‘mono prints’ and how you can make more than one print using a block and building up layers of surfaces. Keith showed examples of a couple of printing blocks that he had brought

Conceptual Art with Bella Kerr

    Portfolio Conceptual Art with Bella Kerr Sunday 7th & Sunday 14th February Neath Port Talbot & Swansea Having spent time in the exhibition space, making notes and drawing, students were encouraged to select words to describe the art work in the Rhian Haf’s ‘Captured Moments’. Bella showed the group examples of Constructivist images which illustrated ideas of abstract

Enhanced Perception Master Class

Portfolio Perception Master Class with Kath Clewett 10th and 24th January 2016 Neath Port Talbot and Swansea Students After being led into and introduced to the exhibition space of Mission Gallery, each group explored the exhibition space. They were asked to gather as much information as possible, by sketching, photographing and noting descriptive words. In order to manipulate their viewpoint

Photography Master Class

Photography Master Class with Eva Bartussek 6th and 13th December 2015 Neath Port Talbot and Swansea Students Students were introduced to the idea of filtering their photographs. Eva explained how a photograph filter could augment the captured image just by placing it in front of the camera lens or simply by altering the settings in which the

Architectural Master Class

Architectural Class with David Chambers 8th and 15th November 2015 Neath Port Talbot and Swansea Students David Chambers began his Master class by presenting his vast portfolio of work to the group. The presentation covered all aspects of ‘Swansea Fitted’ Civic Stage – an installation that is currently on display at the Museum Green, Swansea – from