As most people are aware, one of the current biggest environmental issues is the declining
number of bees. My project surrounds raising awareness of creating the ideal environment
for bees by planting flowers. In order to promote this idea, I have created a series of
decorative clay pieces, which are pressed with botanical materials from plants and flowers
which attract bees in particular.

I made about twenty ceramic ornaments all together and I am very happy with the
outcomes. They are pretty and delicate, like the flowers themselves. I especially love the
ones which I painted. Although the paint does not retain a consistent, flat colour on the
clay, due to the clay’s moisture, I like the ‘messy’ texture and finish of the paint. I also like
the way that the ornaments almost represent fossils which works perfectly with the concept
my work because it adds to the urgency of the situation because species, both plants and
animals, are dying out at an alarming rate and becoming fossils.

Being given the opportunity to have a space dedicated to my artistic passion was truly
wonderful. I was able to develop ceramic making skills which was a medium that I was
completely unfamiliar with and I plan to take this experience forward with me into my
university degree. I met some truly kind and talent artists during my residency and am
incredibly thankful for all the encouragement and confidence, that Raising the Bar has given
me. I hope that my work has encouraged you to plant some flowers and look after the bees.